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Skilled Nursing Facility Evacuation

Fires in Southern California

  • 4 November 2019
  • Author: Lisa Moss
  • Number of views: 3322
Skilled Nursing Facility Evacuation

Oh boy what a day my husband and I had... My husband is in a skilled nursing facility and today the fire came down the mountain to his facility and jumped with the winds to the front of his facility. They evacuated patients with CNA’s placing patients in their cars because the building was in jeopardy and they had no time to wait for transport and the smoke was jeopardizing all the pts. Finally found my husband at a school gym confused and making no sense. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2005 and is low functioning. Ran to the store after two hours to get him some clean clothes and items, in the short 20 mins Iwas gone he was on a bus with 36 other pts. I followed the bus and ambulances to the new skilled nursing facility who said they’d accept all the pts. NOT!!! We sat on the bus together and I tried to calm his fears. At one point he said (I I think I’m dying) oh lordie, time for him to have a Xanax out of my magical purse. That helped to calm him down and I turned on car shows on YouTube for him. He relaxed and we waited another two hours for the next destination, thereafter I was told I had to leave the bus they would be leaving soon. The fire marshal came and cleared the remaining 20 pts to return to the facility. Waited for the bus and called to make sure he made it ok. Thankful he is resting and won’t remember today’s events. I’m beat, what a day. Goodnight my friends 👫 🙅‍♀️Su


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