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Our Thanks - Monday, July 12, 2010

Brainstorming was a true God send for us when our son suffered a serious TBI. We had just moved to the area and were completely lost and devastated in the world of TBI. Brainstorming was like a lighthouse, leading us to hope and understanding. They answer questions, offer serious support, brought us prepared meals, and they give us a place to belong.

Grateful Mom
The Walk/Run4Thought - Monday, July 12, 2010

I participated in the annual walk for thought and was able to personally see the help and hope this amazing organization has given to people suffering from TBI, and also their family members. Without this group the High Desert would have MANY people with TBI or with a loved on with TBI without a place to turn to. This group has helped give resources, help and hope to those who without it would feel lost and confused, and maybe even give up all hope. But with this group people who have suffered from TBI either recently or over a period of years now have their hopes restored.

Christina Miller
The Support is Great - Monday, July 12, 2010

Having a brain injury myself and having run atbi support group at a non-profit org for 10 years, I know the great service that is provided its participants; this is particularly true for brain injury survivors and their caregivers as they are part of a very low served disability population. Brainstorming 4 Us provides an excellent service by providing very helpful educational materials, a monthly support group, an excellent web site, positive public awareness, and devoted friendships. Wish I could do more personally, but that is why I am writing and thanking you.

Thanks to Brainstorming 4 Us - Monday, July 12, 2010

Brainstorming 4 Us has been an amazing life support for me and my family. On March 22, 2008, I was reborn (T.B.I. survivors refer to their injury date as a rebirth). Due to life basically starting all over again. I was asleep, when my husband heard sounds, and thought I was having a bad dream. When he turned on the lights, he realized I was having a seizure, and had bit my tongue. I also suffered a brain aneurysm, and stroke, before the ambulance arrived at my residence. After being hospitalized, my husband was told, I probably would not survive, due to my critical medical condition. This did not stop "God" from doing what he does best......Granting miracles, when all hope looks blick. From what I'm told there were numerous blick moments. Hospice was called in at one point, but I weathered the storm through God's grace. There was a point in time, when my husband was signing paperwork to have me air lifted to Loma Linda Hospital to have a stint placed in my head to survive. This was when the miracle of "God", and medicine prevailed. My left brain critical bleeding ceased. The doctors stated they have never seen or heard of this process ever occurring. At that point, I no longer needed surgery on my brain to save my life. My husband was told, I would more than likely be in a vegetative state, and or need around the clock care for the rest of my life. I'm here today after learning how to walk, talk, reading, after a second stroke due to receiving vicodin, even though the hospital was advised of my allergic reaction to this medicine. My mouth and right hand were twisted. Left side partial paralysis. Short and long term memory loss, which I haven't overcome. I thank Brainstorming 4 Us for supporting me, and my family. We love you Lisa Moss. You made a huge impact on our lives.

Belinda Taylor
Our Heartfelt Thanks - Monday, July 12, 2010

My husband was in a horse riding accident 12 years ago. We found out about Brainstorming 4 us a few years ago, and decided to attend a meeting. We have participated in the annual "brain injury awareness walks" and attend most every meeting. Just knowing there are others who share similar experiences has been very helpful to us.

Lois Cawthorn
Our Grandson - Monday, July 12, 2010

My 18-year old grandson, Chris, was in a car accident almost three years ago. He suffered a traumatic brain injury. When his family brought him home, he was completely dependent on them for all of his care. No one in family really knew what to do to best help him. My daughter contacted Brainstorming 4 Us, Inc, and they helped Chris and all of our family through all the most difficult times by providing volunteers to help, information so that we would know what to expect and how to respond, and continued support as Chris has improved. They also provide an extremely valuable support network for the injured person and all of family, including people to talk with that have personal experience with brain injuries and supporting people with those injuries. I know from personal experience that Brainstorming 4 Us is an efficient and valuable organization and that they serve a unique service that is not available through any other organization in Southern California.

Debbie Thornhill
Loma Linda Hospital - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In August 2005 Arthur Moss husband of Lisa Moss received a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury while riding his motorcycle with a group of friends in Hanksville, Utah. Arthur was flown to the University of Utah Trauma Hospital where Author laid in a deep coma. When Lisa arrived she was given the medical update, assigned a social worker and informed he was in a coma. Feeling helpless she began researching information on the internet with her sister-in-law, Tayna Ison to learn the complications, medications, and long term effects of a traumatic brain injury. Lisa and Tonya soon realized there was little information readily available for families when they were thrown into the unknown world of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Within a year Brainstorming 4 Us was born a non-profit agency that provides education, support and brain injury resource bags to Trauma Centers throughout Southern California. Brainstorming 4 Us brain injury resource bags are offered to families at no charge to answer questions pertaining to different types of brain injuries, glossary of terms to help the families understand the medical terms that are being delivered to them during a crisis, diagrams of medical machines, toiletries for the first 24 hours, pad of paper and a pen to write notes or changes in the patient’s recovery.
Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, (LLUMC & CH), began distributing the brain injury bags in 2006 and has placed over 150 bags in the hands of families dealing with a Traumatic Brain Injury. The brain injury resource bags have been an asset for families, friends, patients, nurses and physicians. Allowing the families the opportunity to understand the injury and terminology has made the staff’s job at LLUMC & CH a little easier. One of the Brainstorming bags was taken by a physician of LLUMC to another state when one of his family members received a traumatic brain injury. A testimonial to the impact and power the bags deliver. The vision of Brainstorming 4 Us has proven time and again to be a gift of love hope, support and inspiration.
Michael May
Adult Trauma Nurse Coordinator
Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital
Thanks for Your Help - Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I think the information from you has been the best I have received so far. Thank you and i will continue to need your knowledge and support. My husband was in an ATV accident, he was riding alone and with no helmet on and has been in the hospital ever since. His injury was so severe they removed part of the brain to relieve the pressure. He is now stable and ready to recover and i have faith he will.


My Best Friend - Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On October 3, 2009 my best friend was driving home and suffered an aneurysm which resulted in a traumatic car accident. She was thrown from the car and suffered a broken neck. While in the hospital it was discovered that she has 2 aneurysms along with the broken neck. Arrowhead Regional did not have the equipment necessary to help her so she was sent to Cedars.

Thankfully they were able to bolt her neck back together but she is not the person that I know and love. We are fortunate that she is up and walking, can write her name (not well, but she can do it) and can draw a clock although she has a hard time with the numbers, her short term memory is gone. We are praying with rehab that she will return to a fairly normal way of life someday.

Throughout all of this I have been doing all that I can to help her adult children deal with this. It wasn't until I found Brainstorming 4 Us that we really started to get some hope. We don't know our rights or the law and are thankful that we found this group.

Pesonal Thanks - Sunday, November 16, 2008

I just want to thank you for everything you are doing to make more doctors and people aware of what this does to a person  suffering a Mild or Severe brain injury, it changes there lives forever... Thank you so much, for all your support and for your wonderful book that surely has made me wiser and has opened my eyes to understanding a Brain injury and to get to understand my daughter, it has been so helpful and full of knowledge that I just want to share with all these people that have a TBI and do not know that much about the after effects etc.

Debbie W.


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