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Brain Injury Resource Bags

Brainstorming 4 Us provides Brain Injury Resource Bags to trauma centers and sub-acute facilities  for distribution to individuals and families dealing with a loved one hospitalized due to Traumatic Brain Injury, Aneurysm, Stroke, or Spinal Cord Injuries. We feel that it is critical to a successful recovery to learn as much as possible about brain and spinal cord injury and the long-term effects in order for family and friends to appropriately provide care and support.

For those who wish to obtain a Brain Injury Resource Bag. Our bags are available for a donation, which covers the cost of printing, preparing, items purchased, and shipping. Email us at with your request and we will respond shortly.   

At present, we distribute our bags to Loma Linda University Hospital, Arrowhead Regional Hospital, Riverside Community Hospital, Desert Regional Hospital, HealthBridge Children’s Hospital Of Orange and twelve Care Meridian Facilities throughout California. All hospitals and sub-acutes provide the bags free of charge to any one admitted with a head injury so the families can learn how to better understand the results of brain or spinal cord injury and how to provide support to their loved one.

We are currently negotiating with Trauma Hospitals throughout the California to make these bags available to anyone admitted with a head injury. To date we have placed 2,899 Brain Injury Resource Bags into the hands of families and our goal is to reach as many families as possible.

Brain Bag Contents

Following is a brief explanation of the contents in each bag:

  • Pen and Pad of Paper (Journal books) – for note taking when talking with doctors & to do list
  • Brainstorming 4 Us, Inc. Support group information
  • Brainstorming 4 Us, Inc. TBI Book – a combination of several publications, a library compiled into one book. This booklet includes the following reference materials:
    • A Spouses Thoughts During Our First Weeks & Months
    • Brainstorming 4 Us, Inc. Flier – Our purpose & programs
    • 11 Things to do in the first 48 hours of Brain Injury
    • Why Attend a Support Group 
    • Physicians & Hospital Contact Form- Helpful when recalling the names of Physicians, Nurses, Discharge Planners, Etc.
    • Understanding Brain Injury – Acute Hospitalization A Guide for Family & Friends – edited by David S. Kushner, M.D. Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc.
    • Brain Aneurysm Overview- Explanation of a Brain Aneurysm – Mayo Clinic
    • Facts about Traumatic Brain Injury – Brain Injury Association
    • Brain Injury & Beyond- Brain Injury Resources Throughout California
    • Coma Card – Florida Institute for Neurological Rehabilitation, Inc.   
    • Neuro Storming- Explanation of Severe Sweating , Heart Rate Elevation nand  Breathing    
    • Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide - Dr. Glen Johnson     (Clinical Director Neuro-Recovery Head Injury Program)
    • Vestibular & Balance Issues - By Eva Hvingelby, NP, PhD
    • Baclofen Pump- Used for Spasticity after a neurological illness
    • Headaches After a Brain Injury - By Kathleen R. Bell, MD
    • Glossary- Medical Terms often used by the medical facilities
    • The Stages of Grief and Loss- Five stages of grief and loss
    • Fighting Health Insurance Denials - Written by Scott Glovsky, ESQ
  • Tote Bag-  useful to store medical records and miscellaneous documents
    • Shampoo & Cream Rinse
    • Soap & Hand Lotion
    • Toothpaste, Toothbrush and Floss
    • Comb
    • Kleenex
    • Brainstorming 4 Us Family Card for educating the public
    • Mind Matters Video following five of Brainstorming 4 Us Families through the maze of brain injury
    • T-shirts from previous walk, run or roll 4 thoughts (if available)
    • Publised hardcover book - "James Please Awake"  A families journey from the initial injury throughout rehabilitation - (If available)
    • Brainstorming 4 Us Bookmaker created by one of our survivors 

I am a wife to a husband who is living with a severe traumatic brain injury. We are here to help guide, and support you and your family through the maze of brain injury.


Brainstorming 4 Us, Inc. would like to acknowledge its partnership with the following sponsors who have committed their time and resources into making the Brain Injury Resource Kits a reality in Trauma Centers, Sub Acute Hospitals and available to Survivors and their families of TBI absolutely free.


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