Ketchup on the Baseboard
As a spokesperson for families of survivors of brain injury and founder and past President of the Brain Injury Association of Florida, Carolyn Rocchio is internationally recognized for her compassion and expertise.  This book tells the personal story of her family’s journey after her son, Tim, sustained a brain injury.     Chronicling his progress over more than 20 years, she describes the many stages of his recovery along with the complex emotions and changing dynamics of her family and their expectations.     This is more than a personal story.  It contains a collection of updated articles written by Carolyn as a national columnist for newsletters and journals on brain injury.  Over 35 articles cover topics ranging from health and medical care to rehabilitation issues, community resources, helping children, planning for the future, and mental health.     Carolyn’s list of achievements, honors and publications is lengthy – but what you will find in this book is the voice of a mother who knows first hand about the compassion, endurance, hope and determination needed in life after brain injury.